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We produce in a responsible way

The production of our products complies with all requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 and the national standard State Standard.

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Quality control

Incoming control

Before accepting raw materials, components or auxiliary materials to production, they are checked by our quality control service.


Operational control

Semi-finished products, materials and goods go through the stage of operational control.


Manufactured goods control

This is the final stage of quality control. The quality control inspector selects samples from a batch of finished products and sends them to the laboratory. Only after the laboratory gives a positive conclusion, our goods go the warehouse and are ready for sale.

It is important for us to set quality standards

The quality control service believes that our products should not just conform to the basic requirements but surpass them. Thanks to the scrutinous work of our experts, our products withstand increased load during operation.

100 per cent 97 per cent 98 per cent 99 per cent 100 per cent

of batches undergo quality checks

30 27 28 29 30

technical control experts work in our production branches

62 59 60 61 62

goods items have received EU quality certificates

2 per cent -1 per cent 0 per cent 1 per cent 2 per cent

are scrapped

We are always on the line

In addition to the main production process, of importance to us is the further pathway of our finished goods. It is important to us that our clients are satisfied and recommend us after using our products. If any difficulties arise, you can always contact us. We will help you!

5 2 3 4 5

quality control experts are ready to solve your problem

97 per cent 94 per cent 95 per cent 96 per cent 97 per cent

are satisfied with our technical support