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We apply experience in practice

Over the time of our existence we have made the way from a small company of three people to a group of companies. We continue to grow and improve our knowledge and experience.  

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Establishment of the company
Opening of the first manufacturing branch in Dubna
Opening of the first trade representative in St. Petersburg
Introduction of the first automated lines for manufacturing masks and headrests
Launch of the production of goods under the Izospan trademark
The Gexa Company started the first corporative training courses for teambuilding
Opening of the second manufacture site “Lesnaya” (Toropets, Tver region)
Opening of the trade representatives in Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk
Opening of the trade representative in Krasnodar
Launch of the production of goods under the Ivolga trademark
Opening of the first Gexa Trading House (in Moscow)
Opening of the trade representatives in Stary Oskol and Rostov-on-the-Don
Opening of the trade representatives in Ufa, Kazan and Surgut
Launch of the production of goods under the Geospan trademark
Opening of the trade representatives in Voronezh, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod and Khabarovsk
Opening of our own transportation company Gexa LOGISTIC
Opening of the Gexa Trading Houses in the Urals (Ekaterinburg, Surgut, Magnitogorsk) and in Siberia (Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk)
Opening of the first Gexa Trading Houses in CIS: in Kazakhstan (Almaty), in Ukraine (Kiev)
Launch of the first line of the new production complex for spunbond manufacture (overall production grew by 30 per cent)
Completion of the project for long-term on-the-job training according to the module programme REFA (REFA-Bundesverband e.V.)
The Company celebrated its 10th anniversary
Opening of the Gexa-South Trading House (Krasnodar, Rostov-on-the-Don, Astrakhan)
“Rebirth” of the Agrotex trademark
Launch of the manufacture of goods under the Ecospan trademark
Introduction of the process-oriented approach into production management
Launch of the second line of a new production complex with an area of more than 7200 m2
Opening of the Gexa-Volga Region Trading House (Samara, Kazan, Ufa)
Opening of the Gexa-Far East Trading House (Khabarovsk, Yakutsk)
Opening of the Gexa-North-West Trading House (St. Petersburg)
Launch of the second spunbond production unit
Opening of the workshop for production of gynecological speculums by the molding method
Increases in the capacity of both production facilities
Continued work to improve the quality of manufactured goods
Development and market launch of a series of Tutami innovative medical materials
Introduction of needle looms for manufacture of GEOSPAN and ISOSPAN RS & RM products
Modernization of manufacturing workshops
Opening of a new production line in Toropets
Presentation of a new trademark, Ecospan Geo
Completion of a number of charity projects: help to hospices, refugees from Ukraine, children’s homes, and schools in the places where our production facilities are located
Participation of our activity units in a number of filed-specific exhibitions, including major ones such as “Road”, “Health Protection”, “MosBuild”
Expansion of the geography of unwoven material use. Unwoven materials help people build roads and grow crops in harsh climatic conditions in sands, swamps and in permafrost
Launch of CG Gexa’s and the trademarks’ pages in leading social networks
Participation of our employees in football competitions of various rank as part of our own Gexa team
Repeated participation as a business partner in various thematic conferences and events of scientific communities
GC Gexa joined the National Roofing Union
The Company participated in the “Imports Phase-Out” conference
The Industry and Trade Ministry included GC Gexa in the federal list of organizations that have significant influence on industries and trade
Development of the water and wind protection vapor-permeable reinforced membrane “Izospan AQ proff»
Participation of GC Gexa in numerous master classes, exhibitions and conferences
TM Izospan received Certificate of Validation for its use in the Republic of Belarus
The new production branch GEXA-Lotos became an official resident of the special economic zone “Lotos”
Jointly with our Italian partners we developed 26 types of colour materials to manufacture protective table covers for servicing in the catering business
Received the Certificate of Conformity to the International Quality Management Standard ISO 9001: 2015
Gexa-Lotos put in operation a new factory producing geosynthetic materials in Astrakhan
The Company celebrated its 20th anniversary
A new workshop producing medical materials was launched in the Toropets production branch
Sales of Gexa medical goods made up 25 to 30 per cent of the total market in Russia
Development of the inflammable reinforced wind protective vapor-permeable membrane “Izospan AF+”
The Company joined the Russian Employers’ Union of Textile and Consumer Goods Industries
Development of vapor seal with double integrated tape “Izospan B fix” and extra strong vapor and water seal with double integrated tape “Izospan D fix”
Development of Guaranty Certificates for the Izospan water and wind protection membranes and the “Izospan AF+” material
Recertification audit of the quality management system and new certificates ISO 9001:2015 и GOST ISO 13485-2017
Opening of the sales office in Volzhsky
To make identification easier, logo and picture are impressed on the Izospan АF+ material
Gexa-Lotos begins the construction of the second workshop for production of geosynthetic materials
Launch of a new area of activity, Gexa Beauty
The Company actively provides charities and foundations, including the Podari Zhizn Foundation, with individual protective equipment
the Izospan trademark celebrates its 20th anniversary
the Gexa-Lotos branch in Astrakhan launched the second production unit
Cooperation begins with the Egyptian Protected Cultivation Agricultural Research Center
CG Gexa opens a representative office in France - Gexa France, which will export products from Russia to Europe